Friday, September 10, 2010

There's so much energy in us.

And the Universe is so big around us (truly, honestly, completely.) It could swallow us whole if we let it. And it would be more beautiful than anything you could or I could ever experience. It would take our souls to a complete place of unreality (that place I strive to be consistently.)

It would touch our hearts and our souls, and all the right songs would play at all the right times. For all of us. Our very own personal soundtrack for our ears only. Everything would disappear as if it never existed in the first place (like the way negativity leaves through deep breaths and open minds and hearts.)

And we would all be nothing but energy. We would be equal. One. Together. Striving and moving and changing and growing. And I think it would be beautiful.

But I'd rather be human for now.

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