Friday, September 3, 2010

The pieces of fall. (p. i)

Just as suddenly as it had come, Summer left and in it’s place there is cold air that makes my legs break out in goose-bumps and my toes curl inwards from the chill. The air does not quite smell as sweet as I know it will in a month’s time, and the leaves on the trees in my Kodak-photograph neighborhood and the grass lining the nearly perfectly manicured lawns is still a bright and vibrant color of green, but I can see the leaves near the top of the trees beginning to turn a pleasant shade of gold and the dirt is cold beneath my feet wherever I walk. Autumn came faster this year than it had last year, but I welcome the sharp contrast to the heat that made my make-up smear easily and my skin drip with sweat every time I walked out the door.

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