Thursday, July 15, 2010

People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
- Abraham Lincoln
  1. The smell of used bookstores
  2. Soda in glass bottles
  3. Grassy fields under mid-evening sun
  4. Sunny days with big white clouds
  5. Kittens
  6. Rainbows
  7. Rainbow lollipops
  8. Mixed tape
  9. Vintage bicycles
  10. Riding bicycles in skirts and heels
  11. Cookie Monster
  12. The Mad Hatter
  13. The Doors
  14. The Beatles
  15. Turning the last page of a good book
  16. Laying underneath the stars
  17. Listening to the perfect music at the perfect moment
  18. Long talks late at night
  19. Getting home at two AM
  20. Not coming home at all
  21. Blue Raspberry jolly ranchers
  22. Tie dyeing
  23. Taking photographs of my friends
  24. Disposable cameras
  25. Listening to new music
  26. Finding amazing bands that are local
  27. Reading stranger's blogs
  28. Listening to other people
  29. Dancing to pop music
  30. Looking at good art
  31. Going to galleries in little towns
  32. Bottle caps
  33. Boys in sweatervests
  34. Boys who read
  35. Boys who wear big glases
  36. Boys who look like Buddy Holly
  37. Wing tipped shoes
  38. Vintage clocks
  39. The smell of antique stores
  40. Ladies with parasols
  41. Pearl necklaces
  42. Yellow smiley faces
  43. A freshly sharpened pencil
  44. A box of crayons
  45. Laughing until my stomach hurts
  46. Cooking for my family
  47. Wearing a bathingsuit in the summertime
  48. Being teased by the person I like
  49. Making lists
  50. Being so tired I don't think at night
  51. Harry Potter
  52. Glitter
  53. Reading poetry. Anybody's poetry
  54. Playing with cameras
  55. The way hands look after tie-dying
  56. Pigtails.
  57. Plaid
  58. Nirvana
  59. The word 'joyful.'
  60. The word 'melancholy.'

What makes you smile?


  1. i think everything on your list with the addition of a few other things:
    - jesus.
    - worship.
    - sandwiches from wawa.
    - lazy river tubing down the delaware river.

    - hally. <3

  2. I think, if they make you happy, those are some wonderful things my dear. C: