Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At any occasion, I'll be ready for The Funeral. (P. III)

Its like something you see in a film or hear someone else describe. I think we are trained by what we see on screens and read in books, how to feel about death. To scream and shout and cry and then with some kind words we have an epiphany and everything is ok again. But a million words never properly describe it. That awful conflict of pain and confusion deep in our chest. You pick up a book or go online but it doesn't make any sense. It literally does not make sense. ... How wasn't she here any more? Why was everything else still there? Why didn't the earth sigh or the table bend? There are so many little things that make a person who they are, it seemed impossible for them all to be gone. I find it so hard to think about death. I think for such a common occurance in the world it is the hardest thing to understand.

- My friend and darling older sister, Anna.

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