Monday, March 7, 2011

We painted galaxies

on the inside of where

our souls reside.

The walls dripped

with stars

and fell onto our hands.

We touched each other’s skin

until we both became cosmic

in the off-light through the window.

We made love and created flowers

from the union.

They grew around our bodies

while we huddled together

as if trying to lose

where you end
and I begin.

Our legs tangled

and our fingers intertwined.

Your lips pressed to mine.


  1. that first stanza looks a lot like something i've written myself. great minds thing a like i presume (and we are two great minds!)

    it's a beautiful, lovely lovely poem. <3

  2. Thank you very much!

    It actually didn't start off as a poem, funnily enough. It started out like something more like I usually write, but Nathan keeps telling me that my writing reminds him of poetry so I thought I would break it up into lines and see how it sounded. He liked it better this way and I was feeling a tad lazy, so I kept it. ^_^