Wednesday, February 23, 2011

  1. Pass my classes and raise my GPA enough so I can do PSEO next semester.
  2. Finish my 100 Theme Drawing Challenge.
  3. Try and do something selfless every day.
  4. Meditate and maintain a spiritual connection with the Universe every day.
  5. Read a new book at least every month.
  6. Find a stable and steady job.
  7. Continue to work on bettering myself and my issues for not only myself, but for the betterment of the people and the world around me.
  8. Smile often. Laugh often.
  9. Continue on my spiritual journey to find inner and outer peace.
  10. Cherish the people who truly, deeply and completely care about me. Tell them how much I appreciate them more. Be kind to the people who don’t, for most often they are the people who need patience and love the most.
  11. Be honest with myself, with others, and with the Universe.
  12. Be willing to change and to grow, always.
  13. Step out of my comfort zone more.
  14. Try my best to remain in a consistent peaceful and positive state, and do the things that make me the most happy often.
  15. Enjoy the little things and appreciate the small miracles and beauties in the world around me.
  16. Try to draw or art something new every week.
  17. Be humble. Be thankful. Be grateful. Consistently.
  18. Remember to love all things, big or small, whether or not I want to.
  19. Ask for help when I need to, and not be afraid or think less of myself for admitting weakness or vulnerability.
  20. Try to trust more, but to also be wiser in the things and the people I trust.

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