Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My one and only.

So… this is my boyfriend. I’m sure everyone who actually reads or pays attention to my blog knew that. Anyway.

Five months ago, this boy came into my life, kissed me, and told me he felt fireworks. He held my hand on a cloudy day as we went walking through a park. He pressed his fingertips to my skin and sent sparks through-out my whole body. He laughed when I told him he thought (and still thinks) in movie moments. He became my wonderfully cliche boyfriend. Five months ago today, this boy brought laughter, and hope, and happiness back into my life.

Since then, he has become my most intimate best friend, my first and only lover, my support, and my strength when I don’t have my own. He has told me I am beautiful when I am not, held me while I cried, comforted and loved me in my absolute worst hours, told me that he wants me - all of me - whether or not I am perfect. That he even wants the parts of me that sometimes get angry with him. He has told me that I am the only one for him, the best for him, and that he is mine always. He has become my favorite cuddle partner, and he has inspired me in every possible way that one can be inspired. He has become one of the very few people that I am absolutely terrified to live without.

I am so thankful for this boy, and so grateful to the Universe for guiding us to each other. I love him, with all of my heart. And I never, ever want him to go away.


  1. Awww! You guys are adorable. You are so lucky to have found someone who makes you feel so good about being yourself. SO LUCKY!!! Relief! So many people never ever find that.
    Congratulations! May it last forever and ever.

  2. Thank you very much! I am very lucky. He accepts my crazy, neurotic self and loves it unconditionally. He even tells me I'm not crazy. It's sweet.
    I really hope it lasts for a very long time, as well. I know we're young and statistically speaking, the odds are very against us. But he is everything I want, everything I need and I can't imagine myself being with anybody but him.

    I hope your life is full of unconditional love as well. C:

  3. This made me warm and fuzzy inside. You are my universe darling! ^^